ColorMunki Design

ColorMunki Design Color Inspiration Tool for Industrial Markets The world is your palette. The color inspiration tool ColorMunki can help start the color creation process by being able to send color data to our production color software packages. And with ColorMunki being so versatile, it?s ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea. It?s never been easier to bring your vision to life. Capture Quickly and accurately capture spectral color from a sample Import those colors directly in to Adobe Photoshop and other design tools Create Experience the freedom to swing from palette to palette by grouping the colors you?ve discovered with ColorMunki software. Create and manage custom color palettes automatically from the image library with unique checking capabilities Manage, store, tag and search your personalized palettes Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and industry-standard ICC profiling Calibrate ColorMunki makes sure your design goes from inspiration to screen to print without ever sacrificing quality. Easy-to-use calibration without the need for additional pieces or accessories Precise calibration for monitor, projector and printer Super-fast printer profiling can rapidly scan test charts in less than one minute Fast and accurate projector profiling to display images to your clients with color confidence Communicate When everything works together, bringing your vision to final production is the language of great design. Now you can harmonize every part of your team from creation to production With AppSet, operate in a properly managed color environment by automatically setting printer profiles in photo and design applications Automatically synchronize color palettes between ColorMunki Design, Adobe and/Quark applications and Fully interoperable with X-Rite?s Industrial QC and Formulation software [ColoriQC and Color iMatch] using CxF. Measuring Geometrics 45°/0° Light Source White LED Illuminant Types depends on the software Standard Observers depends on the software Receiver holographic diffraction grating with diode array Spectral Range emissive: 400 nm to 700 nm, reflective: 420 nm to 700 nm Spectral Interval 10 nm Inter-Instrument Agreement average 0.6 DE2000, max. 1.5 DE2000 on X-Rite factory standard Short-Term Repeatability typical 0.1 DE2000 on white Measurement Range 0 ... 1000 Cd/m2 Measuring Time single mode: 2 s Data Interface USB Operating Temperature Range 10° C to 35° C Storage Temperature Range -25° C to 70° C Weight 230 gramm Dimensions 48 mm x 103 mm x 96 mm Accessories Provided USB cable, bag Specifications ColorMunkiTM Design Color Inspiration Tool for Industrial Markets Macintosh

  • Pantone: ColorMunki
ColorMunki Design
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